Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Muslim Worshipers Attacked Outside Australian Mosque

Muslim Worshipers Attacked Outsdie Australian Mosque

Friday, November 20, 2009 after the midday prayer people were coming out from Zetland Mosque of Sydney, Australia.

Then two loaded persons with their bull bar fitted utility arrived at the scene! They went on to insult worshipers with every obscene language and they also vandalised parked cars nearby. Then these attackers carried out their well planed physical attack on worshipers of that mosque. They punched and kicked one person, then dragged his unconscious body for about 50 yards. Then again, with a precision style, the attackers placed this unconscious person on the road and ran him over with their utility. This victim is now in coma at the St. Vincent Hospital, Darlinghurst.

Horrified worshipers immediately rang the ambulance and accosted with very difficult and non cooperative 000 operators! Fire truck appeared before the ambulance. Finally ambulance arrived after half an hour.

Police arrived too! However, initially the police priority was to disperse the crowed (probably to remove or reduce witnesses to weaken the case). They were harsh with the worshipers present and one aggressive police officer pushed one prime witness of this attack against the wall.

Australian media outlets are silent about this incident. Probably they are too busy to incite against Muslims and Arabs based on false and fabricated reasons and grounds with no right of reply!

Since posting of this blog and bloger’s discussion and visitation with Newtown and Redfern Police Stations respectively, one of the prime witnesses was asked to attend Redfern Police Station for a statement tomorrow.

Inquiry was made to a few media outlets regarding this matter and their responses were, “it is an old story and we won’t be interested”. When question was put to them, “are you familiar with the story”? Ironically, responses were negative too.

It was also reported that the attackers spat on worshipers before starting their vulgar and insane attack on Muslim worshipers.

A cool person reported the matter to police and followed the offenders and their vehicle from Zetland to Surry Hills. NSW Police apprehended them on the spot and according to police they are questioning them.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

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  1. Australia is a robotic society based on prejudice and bigotry against Muslims and migrants. The judiciary, administration and media can not claim honesty and impartiality. This incident is a drop in the ocean only.

  2. Australian Constitution gives the right to practice any religion and guarantees the safety of the follower.
    But the Govt Officials do not follow the constitution as they are predujiced towards Islam and People Of Islamic Faith.

    Australian media is one of the most biased and bigotted media in the world.

  3. Islam and Muslim bashing is becomming the most spectacular sport in the town.

  4. The Other Religion Christianity, which is now in more abundance then the second biggest religion Islam is planning to change Islam as its full time Job to change Islam by apprehending its followers.

    Some Examples are

    Killing more than threee million Iraqis mostly Muslims and destroying the country, with all the western power and western propaganda against Saddam and WMDS was a well engineered Plan.
    Now the western media refuses to acknowledge its ongoing anti islam crusade by not mentioning th e sufferings of Iraqi People , the homeless children women and men.

    But will not show any humanity or remorse towards the millions it has killed in the past 9 years and the millions it is already killing.

    So this Mosque affair also has the same fate.
    Those who intend to want to speak for their rights as an Australian to follow Islam will and has to be denied by the same Australia who will show a different response if this incident happened to a Christian Church

  5. The brazen racist and sectarian attack outside the Mosque, police attitude to the Muslim worshipers, media and general community attitudes are sad indeed.

    The desire to cover up this ugly incident and deny natural justice is blatant! Do we have any decent people in this country who can stand up agaisnt this baric circle of events?

  6. It is disgusting. Police cove up is more disgusting. AFIC silence is not good at all.

  7. When There will be Justice for the mulim Minorities.While All these NSW Radio Stations, running an 24/7 anti Islam campaign.
    Do these mongrel News Media Acknowledge that Afghans came to this Country Much Earlier than Captain Cook, And they were the first muslims in the so called occupied territory and they still follow ISLAM.

  8. Today on 4th February 2010,There was the hearing for thi sCrimminal Case at downing centre
    I ranged the redfern police Station at 8AM to find out the name of the Individual responsibl efo the Mosque Attack.
    This Information was denied to me. That who was that Person who went inside th emosque and physically assaulted Mr Abdul Kahir untill he became Unconscious , then hi sunconscious body was dragged by these two men to th estreet level and a ute was ran over his unconscious body.
    Not Only the information was denied but the whole case was changed by NSW police into an accident case.

    What a shameful act to change the course of Justice .
    What a shameful act for failing to implement the law equally for Muslims in Australia.

    What a shame to draw salaries and reluctant to move from office chair.
    Imagine ,if this would have happenned in a church and the assalaient was a Lebanese Guy.

  9. How Can Someone will Change, A Very Well Documented, Well Witnessed ,20th Sept 09, Zetland Mosque Attack, to a mere Car Accident.
    It becomes similar to changing a very serious criminal offence into a minor everyday vehicle collision one.
    There are 20 People who Witnessed the Zetand Mosque attack, inside and outside the mosque that day. Now After Initial Investigation the NSW police is trying to suppress the Witnesses and the Victim Or In other words a Cover Up ( Not disclosing the assailants’ Identity)
    So they can easily draw salaries while not getting involved in legitimate work, or keeping the orders from their superior to suppress this case.
    Whatever The reason Is , There seems to be no Justice. And This Issue Concerns the validity of the Australian Constitution, To provide Safety to Minority religions as to be free to follow their peaceful faith peacefully.