Friday, February 26, 2010

Covenant of Omar Can Bring Peace in Palestine

Covenant of Omar Can Bring Peace in Palestine

Dr. Hannan Ashrawi woke up Antony Lowensteine and many people of this country long time ago. On that time I also learned, “it is not the people of Israel but media outlets and corporate governments of USA, UK (Australia), .. are fanning the fire”.

Enough is enough. Time is right to look at Covenant of Omar and many good deeds of the past to make peace. Manipulation deception is not the way to go.

Muslims Saved Temple Mount

Umar was shocked to find the site covered in rubbish, as the Romans had initiated the custom of using it as a dung heap. 'Umar knelt down immediately, and began to clear the area with his hands. When the Muslims saw what he was doing, they followed his example, and soon the entire area of al-Aqsa, approximately 35 acres (14 ha), was cleaned up.[citation needed] Thereafter, commissioned the construction of a wooden mosque on the southern end of the site, exactly where the present-day mosque of Al-Aqsa stands.

'Umar was then led to the sites of the Foundation Stone by a rabbi, Ka'ab al-Ahbar, who had converted to Islam and was his closest advisor. The rock was surrounded by a fence, and several years later an Umayyad Caliph, Abd al-Malik, built the Dome of the Rock over the site. Under Ka'ab's influence upon Umar, the Jews enjoyed great freedoms during Umar's caliphate in comparison with the Christians, and other religious groups.

Upon taking Jerusalem, 'Umar demonstrated the utmost respect for members of the other faiths living in the city. According to the Encyclopaedia Judaica, seventy Jewish families took up residence in the city. 'Umar also agreed to several pacts, called the Covenant of Omar, with the local Christian population, determining their rights and obligations under Muslim rule.[5]

Al Aqsa and Temple Mount

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