Friday, January 29, 2010

Gutless Mike Williams

Gutless Mike Williams,

No one is asking you how to dress, or what not to wear, what to eat, not to eat and so forth! Specially, the Muslims are not telling others to re-write other religious books. However, you people are telling Muslims what to do and not to do all of the time! You are doing so while you are hiding behind four walls and bikinis. You do not give us a chance to reply. You are a gutless wonder and people like you have been deliberately inciting others against Muslims based on false and fabricated reasons and grounds.

Today, I rang your station to oppose your deliberate prejudice and bigotry against Muslims. Your producer took my call and she politely told me that she will call me back. At the end of the day she did not. I am sure you know the reason. So I rang back and she won't pick up the phone this time because she knew it was me! Finally, I used other methodology and rang your station. This time she picked up the phone straight away!!

Now she used trickery to avoid the truth. I asked her to pass the message on and she said that she will do so. Whether she passed the message or not, you failed to broadcast my message.

By the way Williams, during the illegal and immoral Israeli invasion of Lebanon you supported that terrorist act of that zionist state and I opposed it in your program. Guess what? The Israeli High court supported me and exposed your idiocy. Please overcome your prejudice and bigotry and find out the truth.

You see, people like you don't mind to rape your mother and daughter for Israel. Look at me, I stand for the truth. No matter how hard it is.

Got that Williams?

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